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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis or ABA is a science used to understand, predict, and therefore change behaviors. ABA therapy is an approach to use intervention to shape and modify behaviors.

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Rachel and Chantal are kind, compassionate and highly knowledgeable about changing problem behaviors and skill development for individuals ages 6-15. They started Evolve Behavioral Services to give people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to receive help however they need it most. By offering flexible and patient tailored services, Rachel and Chantal can work closely with parents to get to the root of the issue. 

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We offer bilingual help and have the only bilingual BCBA in Mesa County


Follow the link above to learn more, access resources, and gain a greater understanding about what an ABA program involves.

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Applied Behavior Analysis: ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis: ABA

GET THE FULL ABA PRESENTATION AT MY TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS STORE HERE: ABC Chart: SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL: Help keep me going with a tip or contribution MAKE YOUR OWN WHITEBOARD ANIMATIONS. CLICK THE LINK! . This is an affiliate link. I earn commission from any sales, so Please Use! TEESPRING IN EDUCATiON Stickers, Dress Down Gear, Phone Cases, Coffee Mugs, and More FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & ON-SITE TRAININGS CONTACT: SOCIAL MEDIA In this video course, most of the topic of applied behavior analysis, ABA, are covered. The video course begins with an introduction of what ABA, applied behavior analysis is and how it is used. The importance of ABA is discussed as well as some of the concepts of applied behavior topics. Next is the overview which includes the characteristics, measurement, Antecedent behavior consequence charts, and teaching strategies. Also the components of ABA are dissected. The first component is task analysis, then fading, followed by generalization, prompting, shaping, extinction. Lastly, is functional behavioral assessments, fbas, which include Behavior intervention plans.
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