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Evolve Services

We offer a variety of client based services. We work hard to bring you the benefits of ABA therapy for individuals ages 6-15. We even offer bilingual help and accept Medicaid with a doctor's referral. 

O U R   S E R V I C E S

ABA Services are
Individualized and Created Based on Your Child's Needs

Explore the different ways we can assist you. If you still have questions and want to know how we can specifically meet your needs- submit an interest form or contact us!

Severe Behavior Treatment

This program serves individuals who are at risk of residential or inpatient treatment and also individuals transitioning out of these environments. Often, staffing ratios are 2:1, depending on the needs of the child. The program focuses on reducing dangerous or severe challenging behavior and then on teaching the appropriate replacement skills to allow the individuals served to remain safe in their home and community. Participants are required to participate in intensive and structured family training to ensure that all effective interventions are truly generalizing to the home environment. 

Early Start Intervention

In this program, children will work on the essential skills needed to connect and communicate with those around them. This program focuses on functional communication, early social skills, self regulation and replacement behaviors.



Knowledgeable staff will show parents techniques and strategies to improve their child's behavior in all settings including but not limited to the dentist, birthday parties, haircuts, doctors office, playgrounds, the grocery store etc. Gaining instructional control over your child in unpredictable and high stress settings will empower families to live life to its fullest and eliminate the fear associated with leaving the home.



We conduct a full evaluation and implement techniques for skills such as Executive Functioning, Communication and Language, Social Skills, Self Care, Play and Leisure Skills, Motor Skills, Etc.



Social groups is a great opportunity to develop skills in a meaningful way with peers. Areas of focus include conversation skills, sharing and expanding interests, body language, self-awareness, community participation and safety,

self-management and friendships.


Understand the Benefits of Evolve ABA Therapy Services


Increase in Communication, Daily Living and Social Skills


Reduction of Challenging Behaviors such 
as Aggression, Tantrums, etc.


Create Positive Environments

B I L I N G U A L   S E R V I C E S

Do You Speak Spanish?
No Problem!

Evolve is the only bilingual BCBA in Mesa County and we are excited to work with Spanish speaking clients. Contact us directly to find out how we can meet your needs.

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